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Why You’re an Expert on ISIS

When someone you love gets sick, you almost immediately become an expert on that illness. How does the biology work? What does the science say? What medical steps can be taken?

When someone calls, they ask what happened? When did you hear about it? What can be done? How can I help?

These are all natural questions. But they often serve to stave off the much more painful emotions related to how you feel about the person and your fears about the future; and your fears about letting your feelings surface.

The same thing happens with news stories. Within a few hours of hearing about the Paris attacks, we all started down the path of getting our PhD in ISIS. Then we moved onto the familiar comfort of attacking one another politically.

The pace with which we moved from the emotion of the event to the facts about the terrorists left almost no time to mourn or to really feel the pain of what we were seeing and hearing. And I’m guessing that’s the point of the exercise.

Dave Pell writes NextDraft: The Day’s Most Fascinating News.

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I write NextDraft, a quick and entertaining look at the day’s most fascinating news.

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