Last Stop For Now….

Why I’m Pulling My Kids From School

My wife and I will be pulling our kids from their Bay Area school effective now, even though the school itself remains open.

We’re doing this for three reasons.

(For those fellow Marin residents reading this, it’s worth noting that in the past couple years, we’ve closed schools because of the threat posed by smoke from Napa/Sonoma fires and PG&E power outages. The threat from this virus is easily 10,000 times more extreme than both of those combined. And yet, the schools are open now. In what world does that make sense?)

(And I know our school will not lose any funding if it closes, since it is private — this is an issue that the state and federal governments need to address immediately. The primary purpose of these institutions is to keep us safe.)

By the time you’ve read to this point, every public gathering of any kind may have been canceled anyway. But if not, I hope this explanation is helpful and will urge those who can avoid public assemblies of any kind to do so.

(Update: This seemed to spark a bit a movement at our school. School will be closed as of Friday…Update 2: The danger of my whole family being home together all day is second only to the danger of the virus.)

Dave Pell writes NextDraft.

I write NextDraft, a quick and entertaining look at the day’s most fascinating news.

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