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On this week’s What Hurts podcast, Phil Bronstein and I try to see the forest through the trees when it comes Sean Penn’s jungle interview with El Chapo. The broken, endless and terrible war on drugs is a topic I’ve been obsessed with lately. It would be very interesting if we covered that war like we cover terrorism. Beheadings, torture, intimidation, failed governments. It’s got it all. And in this case, we’re deeply implicated in the root causes of this so-called war — both in terms of our insatiable appetite for drugs, and because of the doomed suite of policies we’ve been pushing harder than the cartels push coke.

And Phil is the editor who first unleashed Sean Penn’s pen onto the world back when he was the editor of SF Chronicle. Not that I’m placing any blame.

We’re also trying out a new format this week. Let me know what you think. You can listen below or just search for What Hurts in your favorite podcasting app.

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