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I have a feeling this guy has some answers…

We Need to Talk About the Envelope in the Room

As just about the entire world now knows, an Oscars envelope snafu led to the wrong film being named as Best Picture. Somehow Warren Beatty got the wrong envelope. He paused. He showed it Faye Dunaway (to show her it was a mistake) and she, not realizing Beatty’s intent, reads the wrong winner; thus overshadowing what was actually an excellent telecast led masterfully by the pitch-perfect Jimmy Kimmel. But back to the madness. Here are 12 quick thoughts on that time the La La Land team accepted the Oscar for Best Picture and then had to immediately hand their trophies over the actual winning picture, Moonlight.

  1. Let’s start with the positive. Every kid who’s been getting a lesson on being a bad sport from Donald Trump just got a lesson in being a good one from Jordan Horowitz. Let no American ever dispute the truth of this news: Jordan Horowitz, Mensch.

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