Trump Shaker: A Scandal Reality Check.

Dave Pell
3 min readOct 8, 2016


Let me drop some reality on you as it relates to the whole Trump tape scandal.

  1. The fact that this Trump scandal is considered bigger news than his stupid and hateful policies is everything wrong with our elections. Yes, it’s bad. An no, it’s not just sexist. But he says worse things (on topics from the nationality of judges to nuclear war to immigration to Russia to abortion) every single day. Often multiple times a day. He has disqualified himself over and over, on the record.
  2. The GOP machine created a monstrous voting block they can no longer control. By extension, they created Trump. Too late for the faux indignation. Besides, your outrage won’t have an impact. If it still could, you wouldn’t be in this mess.
  3. We don’t know what this will do to Trump’s numbers. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t do much. But we do know it will be a killer down-ticket. A lot of GOP candidates will be forced to un-endorse the guy. And then explain how they could endorse him in the first place. And Mike Pence, how glad are you that your debate is over? As it is, Pence is gonna have to give his next five speeches from a confession booth.
  4. Trump’s candidacy was already over. This won’t change that. The really big thing here, for him personally, is that it ruins his brand. And that was what this was all about.
  5. Trump apologized. No, it wasn’t a good apology or full apology, but he apologized. This is devastating for him. His idol Roy Cohn told him to never, ever apologize. Always attack. I guarantee the apology will be what keeps Trump awake during his late night Tweeting sessions. He knows what happened. He blinked.
  6. We Dems can pretend all we want, but the truth is the last thing we want to think about is Bill Clinton’s behavior in the Oval Office. It took us this long to repress it and finally be able to enjoy cigars again. We should definitely follow the strategy that’s become a campaign mantra: “When he goes low, we go high.”
  7. All these politicians lobbing in sanctimonious statements expressing their shock and disgust… Either that’s all a bit hypocritical and ridiculous, or everything everyone has ever said about DC is made up.
  8. Enough with qualifying outraged Tweets with your status as husband and father. The single and childless are pissed too. As a husband to a wonderful woman and the father of a delightful daughter … you should probably get off Twitter and spend a little time hanging out with them.
  9. Don’t get too excited when this Trump candidacy finally ends. The voters that are behind him are still there. And we have to find a way to communicate with them and understand them. It’s good for us, it’s good for America. And besides, they’re a lot better armed than we are.
  10. You want to hear real locker room talk? Just wait until Sunday’s debate. We’ll all watch. And I’m guessing we’ll all feel a little worse after we do.

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