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I’ve been looking forward to sharing the beta of my new podcast with Phil Bronstein for weeks. We finally had one we were ready to share. And it turns out there is a bug at Apple so they can’t accept new podcasts right now. (Never heard of such a bug? Neither have I. Neither has anyone else, including Apple.) So, no problem, I posted it to SoundCloud and linked to it from my newsletter. And the link doesn’t work even though it should. And I hate technology. And it’s been ruining my fucking life for twenty years. I have zero control over anything I create, I hate the goddam internet. And this is one of many shitty project launches that I should have dropped in the first place because this fucking medium (lowercase m) always ruins everything. I should have never, ever gotten rid of my typewriter. Fuck you, Internet.

That said, give the podcast a listen and let me know what you think. (You might have to click Show Embed first, because the Internet is an asshole.)

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