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The Trump-Case Scenario

It’s bad timing that we’re learning how dangerous pain killers are during the age of Trump. And to quote a politician who was considered to make for some pretty good TV back in the B.T.E. (Before Trump Era) of politics: I feel your pain.

And I’m afraid I’m going to have to add to it.

I’ve read hundreds of think-pieces on the factors that led us to Trump. I’ve heard it all. He is the result of an angry electorate. His support is the manifestation of voters who are tired of politics as usual. He’s a master of new media. This is the era of the reality celebrity. He ran against a field of competitors whose combined base was made up almost entirely of relatives and late night comedians.

We can list plenty of reasons that led voters to Trump — and that made them able to overlook the horrific ideas like the wall and blocking all Muslims from entering the country and the threatened deportations; the birther madness, the sexism, the racism, the everythingism.

But we’re probably just trying to make ourselves feel better.

It’s more likely that Trump is pulling in record numbers of voters not despite the hate and prejudice, but because of it.

That’s really what scares us the most. That people aren’t ignoring his policies, but embracing them. That the combination of a black president and a sweeping shift towards pro-equality and progressive legislation was just a little too much to take.

That’s what scares us the most because it’s exactly what should scare us the most; the idea that this place is still a lot more hateful than we like to pretend it is.

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