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The Day Trump Became Bipartisan

Let’s look as a series of major Trump-related scandals and analyze the reactions to those stories among both Trump supporters and those who oppose him.

Against Trump: He’s avoided paying taxes. He’s not that rich. He’s hiding something.

For Trump: He has a right to his privacy. He’s being audited. He’s created thousands of jobs and earned billions of dollars and besides, Hillary’s emails.

Against Trump: This is everything we expected from him. He’s admitting to sexual assault.

For Trump: It’s locker room talk. He apologized. And it was years ago and it’s all part of the media’s effort to destroy him. Also, Hillary’s emails.

Against Trump: He never gives money away. He breaks laws. He is the least generous candidate to run for president.

For Trump: Hillary’s foundation is crooked, she took money in exchange for access to the State Department, and she did something bad re: Haiti. Plus, the emails.

Against Trump: This is everything. Par for the course. He is racist. He is anti-Latino. He wants to build walls not bridges.

For Trump: Meh.

Against Trump: She looks familiar for some reason.

For Trump: Picture her without the glasses.

Against Trump: OK, wait. Ah, yeah, totally.

For Trump: I love porn.

Against Trump: I love porn too.

I write NextDraft, a quick and entertaining look at the day’s most fascinating news.

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