Sorry Trump, Curry has been there, done that.

The Curry of Your Convictions

A few quick thoughts on Trump vs Curry, Kaepernick and America.

In the past few hours, Donald Trump has un-invited Steph Curry to the White House (Curry had already indicated he didn’t plan to attend a victory celebration there, even in the unlikely case that some of his coaches and teammates decide to), advised NFL owners to respond to any player who follows Colin Kaepernick and kneels during the national anthem by firing the son of a bitch, and lamented the fact that pro football was doing so much (they aren’t) to protect players from head injuries — and in doing so, became the first world leader to come out in favor of brain damage. Unsurprisingly, America’s top athletes are firing back at Trump — but at least in this case, he picked on people who don’t have nukes.

Here are a few quick thoughts on Trump vs your favorite athletes (and every American value you hold dear).

Literally every white person in Oakland and SF hates Trump. I wonder what it is about Curry and Kaepernick that made Trump single them out?

There’s a word for someone who stokes racial tensions for personal gain: Racist. And contrary to popular opinion, the same word applies to anyone who supports that person.

If someone fakes a foot injury to avoid serving in the military and then talks like he’s a tough guy, we should fire the son of a bitch.

Trump has attacked American war heroes and America’s favorite athletes, and he still managed to make it to the White House. Let’s give credit where credit is due. That Putin guy is good.

Trump tweeted that “Going to the White House is considered a great honor.” Working in the White House used to be considered a great honor too.

You can apparently wear a swastika and chant racist and antisemitic slogans and still be among very fine people. But if you say you don’t want to attend a photo-op at the White House, you’re an enemy of the state.

Trump wants you to stand up for a song. Guys like Jimmy Kimmel, Steph Curry, and Colin Kaepernick want you to stand up for your country.

Trump loves to tweet tough talk about black athletes. I’d like to see him tweet it to their face.

Imagine how furious Trump would be if NFL players kneeled during the Russian national anthem.

Curry doesn’t need your cheering this time. He needs you to make a stand too. This is an important moment in American history. It’s time to pick a side.

Breaking News: Steph Curry now has three-pointers capable of reaching the White House.

All kidding aside, everyone in America should post photos of themselves kneeling during the National Anthem on Sunday. Spread the word. (Update: Many did. Acts and words of protest were widespread.)

Dave Pell Writes NextDraft, often while kneeling; always while rooting for Steph Curry.

P.S. Hey, Trump. Riley’s not coming either.



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I write NextDraft, a quick and entertaining look at the day’s most fascinating news.