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Understanding Donald Trump By Looking Those Voting For Him

  1. You know that guy at the salad bar who backs up the line, pauses at each item, studies it, ponders it, reads its written description, and then slowly leans forward to get a better look but accidentally hits his face against the glass? He’s voting for Trump.
  2. A guy breaks wind in an elevator and then gets out on your floor leaving you to get in the elevator, suffer the consequences, and then get silently blamed by the person who gets in after you. That guy is a Trump supporter.
  3. Those last few social media stragglers who still put an RT in front of your hilarious tweet in a transparent effort to get credit for your work? Yup. Voting for Trump.
  4. Remember when you and your friends poured a bunch of non-alcoholic beer into pitchers and then played quarters so you could watch the one guy not in on the joke act drunker and drunker as the afternoon wore on? That guy is like, “At least Trump has the guts to tell the truth, man!”
  5. Ever read the stories about the people who, while trying to frame the perfect selfie, accidentally walked into a moving train or backed up over the edge of a cliff? Had they survived, they’d have voted for Trump.
  6. Web-Commenters/Neonazis.

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