The Most Unusual Medium Post Ever

I went to a store that promised prescription lenses in under an hour. I found a nice pair, I got them in less than the time promised. And they look, work and feel really great.

Bet you’ve never read a Tweet, Facebook status update, or Medium post like that before.

But wait there’s more.

I went with my eight year-old daughter. She came willingly, even enthusiastically. She promised to help me pick out a pair that looked good, and at one point described my face as heart shaped.

Once we made our selection, the store manager confirmed that my daughter had chosen the most appropriate pair for my enormous head and similarly sized vibe. (I’m paraphrasing.)

I swiped my credit card, got a text in about 45 minutes and, brought my new glasses home.

I’m looking at you through them right now. And I swear, they’re not rose colored.

I just wanted to write the Internet’s most unusual post. (And I needed a new pair of glasses.)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get to work on my Tweetstorm about a recently delayed United flight.

I write NextDraft, a quick and entertaining look at the day’s most fascinating news.

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