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The latest episode of What Hurts is out. In I Take Mine Scrambled, Phil Bronstein and I talk about the most interesting and painful news of the week. We also take some time to focus on the end of an era at Playboy. Also, a voicemail my mom recently left me made the cut this week.

Why am I posting it here at Medium (aside from my highly warranted concern that Ev Williams will send his digital pencil-pushing thugs after me if I post anything anywhere else)? First, because like most of you, I’m a desperate, shifty, and needy loner who will do anything for the social media dopamine hits have come to define me down to my soul. And second, it’s still in beta mode so I’d love to get your responses here. (But who are we kidding? It’s mostly for the extra listens.) If you’d rather listen or subscribe via iTunes, here’s the link for that, or you can just search for What Hurts in your favorite podcasting app.

And just click through that DNT Policy film that Medium overlaid on my embedded Soundcloud player. It’s just Medium trying to remind me who’s boss.

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I write NextDraft, a quick and entertaining look at the day’s most fascinating news.

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