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I Don’t Care What Kanye West Thinks About Donald Trump.

I don’t care what Kanye West thinks about Donald Trump.

Like, not at all.

I’m not saying that what Kanye West thinks about Donald Trump isn’t at the top of my list of interests. I’m saying it’s not on the list at all.

It’s my list. I set the parameters. There could be three million things on that list. And still, Kanye/Trump; not on the list.

Don’t get me wrong. I really, really hate Donald Trump. And I’m locked into this stuff as much as anyone. I listen to every episode of Pod Saves America, I watch Bill Maher and SNL. When my wife and I are having sex, Maddow is our safe word.

I’m also really into music and pop culture. And I get that Kanye West is in many ways the poster child for whatever the internet is turning us into.

I don’t even completely ignore reality TV characters or internet celebrities. For example, I always have a generally good sense of what Blac Chyna’s been up to.

Let me give you a bit more perspective. The question of why Blac Chyna chose to use a Y in Chyna … that’s something about which my interest level is low, but still greater than zero. What Kanye Thinks of Trump is not.

I’m also always aware of (and almost always participating in) the latest weird internet meme or trending story. I’m totally in on the joke.

All that said, in terms of my interest in this one particular question, there’s nothing.

At one point this week, Kim Kardashian admonished Kanye West for oversharing. The irony of that, well, that’s interesting to me. Can you imagine oversharing so much that Kim Kardashian tells you to tone it down a bit? She literally shared photos of her bare vagina twice this week.

So I’m not a guy who can’t get interested in a story about celebrities. And I love a good meme. And I really hate Donald Trump. I’m on the team. I want us to be on the same page. If you’re into this, I want to be even more into this. I want to be John Legend-level involved with this story. So I’ve tried.

But goddamn, I still don’t care what Kanye West thinks about Donald Trump.

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