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How to Talk To Your Kids About Trump

My kids have been asking a lot of questions about the election, and specifically Donald Trump. So I’ve been working on ways to have an open and honest dialogue with them (mostly without crying). Here’s a sample of the ways I’ve responded that have seemed to be the most effective.

Child: Why are so many people voting for a person with no political experience?

Adult: Hey, look at that bird? What kind of bird is that?

Child: What is the wall gonna be for?

Adult: How about we go out and buy you a new iPad?

Child: This debate doesn’t seem anything like my debates at school? And why won’t Trump let any Muslims move here?

Adult: We should get high and watch a replay of Warriors game.

Child: Why does it matter that the other guy sweats a lot? And is it really OK to call people losers all the time?

Adult: Please clap.

Child: Could Trump actually end up being our president?

Adult: Let’s talk about penises, vaginas, intercourse and how babies are made.

Child: Why is he so orange?

Adult: Oh that. I’m pretty sure his makeup artist is a Democrat.

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