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Greatest Political Moment Ever?

Why does Donald Trump attract us when so many of his ideas are utterly repulsive?

Because when it comes to the sport of politics — the debates, the speeches, the media coverage, the polling, the one-liners, the cheap shots — he is the first candidate to ever actually speak his mind. There are no consultants or handlers to mold his candidacy (none that he’d listen to anyway). He serves up unvarnished human (or nearly human) responses. When it comes to the silly game that political discourse has become, he says exactly what we’re thinking. It’s almost unimaginable when compared to the status quo.

That’s what makes the excerpt below the greatest purely political moment in modern history. It’s exactly what everyone connected to this election is thinking and talking about right up to the minute they suit up and assume their roles in the longest-running reality show on Earth: American Politics.

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