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You got to stand for something, Or you’re gonna fall for anything. — John Mellencamp.

But let’s pause for a second to celebrate the fact that our current generation of CEOs, especially in the tech space, are pretty goddamn awesome.

Here’s what Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently posted about the anti-Muslim backlash heralded by idiotic politicians.

If you’re a sane person, that’s not exactly ground-breaking stuff. But it is if you’re a CEO and the bottom line is supposed to be the bottom line. But this is a new generation of CEOs, many of whom stand for the right things and aren’t afraid to say it. That latter part is a really big deal.

Standing for something is the new standing desk.

Tim Cook has taken a stand for gay rights.

Marc Benioff took on Indiana’s anti-LGBT legislation and even threatened to bail on the state if they didn’t get it right.

Jack Dorsey shared a bunch of his Square stock with his employees.

Zuckerberg just announced plans to give away billions. Seriously, can we forget the details of the LLC for a fucking second and pat the kid on the back? Maybe more importantly, he also made a stand for Muslim users of his service.

Yes, those last four examples are all white men. But, in this case, it’s actually important that White men in power have the guts to tell other White men in power that they are acting like dickhead chump motherfuckers.

This is a good trend. There is a lot wrong with our tech industry, but there are a few things that are really right about it.

Sundar Pichai took a public stand against some hate speech. That’s cool. What’s even cooler is that among tech leaders, he doesn’t stand alone.

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