Coming: November 8, 2016

Get Ready for Taco Tuesday

  1. Taco Tuesday: As we’ve seen in the early voting, the Latino impact is going to be epic. Here’s the lie: Mexican immigrants are rapists and murderers. Here’s the truth: They are voters. Their voting block will create huge disappointments for Trump in states he probably could have held had he not been so historically offensive to one of the country’s fastest growing ethnic groups. Hillary’s first inaugural dance better be the Mexican Hat Dance, because she will owe these folks, bigly. And the GOP better get its act together, because the demographic autobús has left the station, and America is not turning back. Those who have been resistant to the browning of America are about to get a clear message. Hasta La Vista, Baby.
  2. Black Tuesday: Think African Americans who backed Obama are gonna stay home on Tuesday? No chance. Their turnout will be huge for three reasons: First, Obama’s entire legacy is on the line. Second, in the last few years, White Americans (the good ones) have finally started to open their eyes to the institutionalized racism and police-bias issues Black Americans have been talking about forever. A Trump presidency would reverse that progress. And third, turnout across every category will be huge, and African-Americans are no different. This election has obsessed us all. And for many of us, the voting booth represents payback time. We will see record turnout across the spectrum. Trump will get a lower percentage of the Black vote than any major party presidential candidate ever. Remember the June rally when Trump said: “Oh, look at my African-American over here.” Even that guy is gonna vote against Trump.
  3. Tuesdays with More D: You’ll be expecting that big minority effect on election day. Here’s the big story that you may not be expecting: The enormous number of Republicans who jump ship to vote for Hillary. This is the oncoming train the pollsters and pundits don’t see coming.
  4. CU Next Tuesday: Way back in February, Barbara Bush said of Trump: “I don’t know how women can vote for someone who said what he said about Megyn Kelly, it’s terrible. And we knew what he meant too.” Since February, Trump has deeply offended women in every way imaginable. For many American women who have been demeaned, called names, objectified, and body-shamed by Trump, a first woman president will be one key achievement. The rejection of misogyny will be another. To add insult to injury, President Clinton is going to name Donald Trump as Ambassador to Rosie O’Donnell.
  5. Tuesday’s Gone: Like many Americans, I’ve been shoveling Xanax into my mouth nonstop for months. And I’ll be as happy an anyone to have this election over. But the oozing sore beneath the scab ripped off by Trump’s populism will not heal on election night, and it will likely be around for years to come. In part, it’s a backlash to the great strides progressives have made in the last decade. And in part, it’s just a continuation of America’s longest-running storylines: Racism, Sexism, and Xenophobia. So while it will be nice to witness an end to this campaign, there will still be something else in our collective rearview mirror: A pickup filled with armed white guys.
  6. Ruby Tuesday: The GOP will lose the Senate, but will hold the House. And while a Hillary win will give me relief, this election outcome will be nothing to celebrate. The fact that an unqualified, mentally unstable con-man like Trump can get this close to the White House is evidence that millions of Americans are wildly misinformed, and place party ahead of country. So relief, yes. Joy, no. There’s no way to look at Election 2016 as anything other than a sad moment in American history.
  7. Tuesday Weld: I wish I could predict that there will be some national healing that begins the moment the election results are known. But it’s not going to happen. I doubt we’ll get anything close to a traditional concession speech. We’ll likely get many denials of the truth. And I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear the word impeachment by the end of Tuesday night, and onward. Trump was right about one thing. It’s all about winning. Even when you lose.
  8. Twitter Tuesday: Trump’s 3AM Tweets following the election are going to be some friggin’ doozies.



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