Coming: November 8, 2016

(Update: Everything in this post turned out to be wrong.)

Get Ready for Taco Tuesday

A few election day predictions from Dave Pell of NextDraft:

  1. Taco Tuesday: As we’ve seen in the early voting, the Latino impact is going to be epic. Here’s the lie: Mexican immigrants are rapists and murderers. Here’s the truth: They are voters. Their voting block will create huge disappointments for Trump in states he probably could have held had he not been so historically offensive to one of the country’s fastest growing ethnic groups. Hillary’s first inaugural dance better be the Mexican Hat Dance, because she will owe these folks, bigly. And the GOP better get its act together, because the demographic autobús has left the station, and America is not turning back. Those who have been resistant to the browning of America are about to get a clear message. Hasta La Vista, Baby.

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