This Could Have Been the Voice of the Trump Adminstration

Axl Never Promised a Rose Garden

On the Steve Mnuchin Axl Rose Spat that Never Had to Happen.

The Administration Tracks

Appetite for Destruction
Use Your Illusion
Anything Goes
Bad Apples
Perfect Crime
Raw Power
Civil War
Welcome to the Jungle
You’re Crazy

The Presidential Playlist

Double Talkin’ Jive
Out ta Get Me

The Pandemic Soundtrack

The Plague
Dust n Bones
Knockin on Heaven’s Door
I Don’t Care About You
Live and Let Die

Ivanka and Jared Collector’s Edition Vinyl 45 Single

Sweet Child o’ Mine (A side)
Sympathy for the Devil (B side)

Axl Rose even recorded two songs for just for Steve Mnuchin

I.R.S. and Back Off Bitch.

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