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The Institutions Strike Back

Dave Pell
3 min readAug 22, 2018


15 Quick Thoughts on Trump’s Very Bad Day in Court

  1. For efficiency’s sake, half of us should probably peel off and start going after Pence.
  2. What Trump was implicated in on Tuesday is nothing compared to the damage he has done to health care, the abomination of the border separations, the sick sucking up in Helsinki, the hourly chipping away of our sense of decency, the attacks on our intelligence agencies, the tearing down of our institutions, the wanton fear-mongering and race baiting, etc. On the very day that Paul Manafort was found guilty and Michael Cohen copped a plea, Trump moved to further damage our environment by gutting the Clean Air Act. Even if the Feds prove a conspiracy with Russia, Trump’s worst crimes will have taken place right in front of our eyes.
  3. I think we can say with some certainty that this will be the last time an American presidential candidate will pay off a porn star without filling out the proper paperwork first.
  4. On the plus side, we’re basically all auditing a free federal law course on Twitter. Here’s what I’ve gleaned so far: 1. The Legislative Branch makes the laws. 2. The Judicial Branch interprets the laws. 3. The Executive Branch breaks the laws.
  5. Trump values loyalty above all else. Sadly for the president, his advisors swore their blood oaths at Theranos.
  6. It’s not a Witch Hunt. It’s a Which Hunt. Which Trump goon will have a rap sheet next? At this point, Mexico wants to build a wall to keep Trump associates out.
  7. Even all with the guilty pleas, the mouth-breathers at Trump’s latest rally chanted “Lock Her Up.” (Only this time, their voices were drowned out by what sounded like cackling laughter coming from a hiking trail in Chappaqua.)
  8. Wouldn’t it be weird if Trump tweets that he’s thinking about taking America private. (Ironically, the money would probably still come from the Saudis…)
  9. From the pee to the plea, Trump has been accused of tons of things. Not all of them have been proven. But, basically, none of them has been disproven.
  10. 2016 Michael Cohen: “Says Who?” 2018: “Says the Southern District of New York, that’s who.”
  11. Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing Pod Save America.
  12. Everyone in America deserves the presumption of innocence. But we may eventually need to make an exception for Trump lackies. The hosts of Fox & Friends could soon be the last Trump insiders who haven’t been arrested.
  13. The attacks on Bob Mueller will intensify. And like all of Trump’s bombast, it will find an eager audience. Bob Mueller represents the best of America. Trump represents the worst. The fact that so many Americans can’t see that makes me worry. The fact so many people who know better stand by and let this president malign a good man makes me sick.
  14. Reality check: The GOP is corrupted, the Trump base lives in a Fox-fueled fantasy world, and the president is monstrous liar. The one solution yesterday was turnout. The one solution today, is turnout.
  15. When Trump said he was the law and order candidate, he wasn’t kidding…

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