10 Things About This Election You Probably Don’t Want to Hear

Barring any wildly unforeseen circumstances (well really one), there’s no way Donald Trump can win this election. He is self-destructing faster than he’s being destroyed. And his spiral is only gaining momentum. It will get much worse. We’ve talked and tweeted nonstop about his repeated declarations of moral bankruptcy. I’ve personally written thousands of words denouncing him. Now let’s talk about a few other things.

  1. For years, the media has been covering political campaigns like reality shows. We follow the characters and their families. Each season (from buildup, to primary, to general election) must get more controversial to keep our attention. And we eat it up. The media mostly covers politics like a trashy magazine. We watch it more when they do. And we’re paying the price in a truly terrible way. We all played a part in the 2016 disaster. In business, Trump is not a self-made man. And he’s not self-made when it comes to his celebrity or his candidacy either.
  2. Maybe you love the Kardashians. Maybe you hate them. But you react to them. (You don’t react to Syria.)
  3. The past week has been epically terrible for Trump. Maybe the worst presidential election-week ever. But millions of Americans were happy to vote for him before the latest scandals, when his only limitation was that he knows absolutely nothing about any of the issues, and each of his opinions is completely wrong, and often dangerously so. It wasn’t until we were confronted with a tawdry audiotape that enough was enough. Why didn’t the policy ignorance worry us as much as the terrible personal behavior? Because we’re uninterested in many issues, and ignorant of more. During the second debate, more people were looking up lepo (as in, “what’s a lepo?”) than ‘Aleppo’.
  4. How informed is the public? Depends on what the topic is. Before this election, probably 90% of Americans would recognize a photo of Donald Trump. Meanwhile, 70% of Americans don’t know what The Constitution is. Not what’s in it. What it is.
  5. Bill Clinton is not running. But he’s still a problem. Democrats don’t want to think about the way he betrayed us (and desecrated the Oval Office). Are we talking an impeachable offense? No. Of course not. And I’m not comparing the mostly great Bill Clinton to the extremely pathetic Donald Trump. But we are talking about an intern in the Oval Office and plenty of other behavior that bothers us Dems a lot. Again, I’m not trying to create a false equivalence here. Monica Lewinsky is probably voting for Hillary Clinton. It just sucks to be thinking about this crap again. I would never say that in public, because it doesn’t follow the partisan line. But I’ll say it here to you in private.
  6. Consider the second debate. A former president in the same room with four accusers, with his wife, the current candidate, having her soul attacked by an deep-sniffing adversary who had just been forced into making a faux-apology for his horrific and humiliating comments. Who would put themselves through that kind of experience in front of the world? We’re attracting candidates so addicted to the spotlight that they’ll endure terrible humiliation to hold it. Anthony Weiner running and running again isn’t an abberation. It’s an inevitability.
  7. Think about this: There’s really only one thing that could possibly turn this election for Trump. And that’s if Bill Clinton gets caught with another woman. You can bet the Trump team is having him trailed everywhere. And it makes sense based on the reactions of we the people. This is the kind of stuff we vote on. Think anyone was betting the October Surprise would be connected to something policy-related? Yes, this is absurd. But it’s an absurdity of our own making.
  8. It’s disqualifying that Trump can be baited with a tweet; it’s catastrophic that our electorate can be influenced by one.
  9. You can rip Donald Trump. And you should. But you have to give him this: His campaign is the most watched and obsessed-over and mind-dominating of all time. And thru his value-lens, that’s probably a victory of sorts. He’ll lose the votes. But win the Retweets.
  10. This has been a car crash of an election and we can’t look away. But it’s terrible. It’s embarrassing abroad. It’s unexplainable to our kids. And it’s a new low in a pit of unknown depth. Best case scenario, this ends with us feeling really relieved, but pretty down. President Obama always says, “Don’t boo, vote.” But you’d be forgiven for booing a little after you vote.

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